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Report of the Farmingdale Sewer Committee

The Sewer Committee has met monthly for the past year and now meets on the third Thursday of every month. The Gardiner Waste Water Treatment Facility Advisory Committee for Gardiner, Farmingdale and Randolph meets on a quarterly basis. The Sewer Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Farmingdale Selectmen. The committee is supported by Phyllis Weeks and Deb Barry in their administrative capacities, and Bud Smith as the town plumbing inspector. The committee would also like to thank Gene Moreau and Rickey McKenna for their help and guidance to the committee. We would also like to welcome new members Jeff Chapman and Dana Parker.

Chris Ellis, Ellis Construction, does the inspection and maintenance of the sewer pump stations. The meter pit on Maine Avenue is flushed monthly by the Farmingdale Fire Department to make sure the flow readings going to the Gardiner Waste Water Treatment Plant are accurately measured. The readings at the meter pit have been off the readable scale and the committee will focus on this problem area. The committee is looking to have upgrades to the 5 pump station. Wright-Pierce is doing a study of what needs to be done at each of the stations. There is a station on Northern Avenue, Russell St, Bowman St, James St, and Dale St.

The committee along with Gene Moreau has been working on updating the Sewer Ordinances. These updates will be voted on at our Town Meeting on June 25, 2011.

In review of your sewer bill, there are three parts that make up the bill. They are: 1) Debt service from funds borrowed in 1982 to finance the installation of the sewer system, and will be paid off in 2016, 2) Operation and maintenance of the sewer system and pump stations, 3) The measured flow which is from the meter readings from Gardiner Water District. Currently, the sewer bill is based on $2.64 per 100 cubic feet of flow.

There are a few people in town that are not on town water (which is the basis for sewer flow) and are charged a flat rate of 1800 cubic feet per quarter. If it is felt that less flow is being used at homes, a meter can be installed on the water line and verified by the plumbing inspector. The meter reading will then be used for the quarterly sewer charges. If more information is needed please contact the Town Office.

As always, please be careful of what is put into the Farmingdale sewer system, such as napkins (especially wet wipes), towels, grease etc., which can plug sewer lines and foul the pumps at the pump stations, which costs all of us more money over time.

Respectfully submitted by:

Bruce Goucher, Chair
Mike Pelletier
Mike Laplante
Jeff Chapman
Dana Parker