Board of Selectmen

Meetings are held every Wednesday at 6:30pm at the Town Office, unless otherwise stated. Please see the Selectmen Policy for "Open to the Public" Sessions.

Tax Maps Updated 2011

The Tax Maps for the Town of Farmingdale have been made available on the Internet as a public service and reliance on any such information is at the user's own risk. The maps included are current up to the Fall of 2011.

Selectmen Policy for "Open to the Public" Sessions

The Board of Selectmen encourages citizens of the Town of Farmingdale to attend Board meetings, conducted at the Town Office at 6:30 Wednesday evenings, which are open to both the press and the public except during executive sessions. Executive sessions, which usually occur at the end of a meeting, deal with topics that the open discussion of which may potentially harm the Town, affected individuals or both or are authorized/mandated by state law. The Board of Selectmen follows state law with regard to executive sessions. The Board encourages residents to bring issues of concern or interest of an individual or of the community to the attention of the Board of Selectmen. Citizen involvement in Town governance enhances the sense of community that makes Farmingdale a great place to live, work, and visit. Selectmen Meetings follow an agenda, which lists the issues the Board will address. The Board wants to hear from citizens and recognizes one way for residents to participate is to speak out in the "Open to the Public" sections of each Selectman's Meeting. The Board of Selectmen also recognizes that efficient, productive and orderly meetings are essential to ensure full and fair consideration of agenda subjects at each meeting. To balance these two interests, the Board of Selectmen adopted this Policy to govern the "Open to the Public" agenda portions of the meetings.

1. There will be one "Open to the Public" segment at each regularly scheduled Selectmen's Meeting near the end of the meeting. Each "Open to the Public" segment is limited to fifteen minutes although the full fifteen minute time interval will not be reserved for potential discussion.

2. All comments or questions are directed to the Chairman, who will recognize each speaker in turn. Remarks may not exceed three minutes per speaker. Each speaker must identify him/herself and the group he/she represents, if applicable. Speakers may not "read into the record" remarks prepared for or directed to another person or entity. This segment of the agenda is intended for brief, usually informal, discussions.

3. A speaker requesting to present a more formal or comprehensive discussion must make arrangements to be on the agenda for that evening. To be on the agenda, one should contact the Town Clerk prior to Monday noon before the Wednesday Selectmen's Meeting. The "Open to the Public" segment is not an appropriate time to request an interpretation and/or decision of the Selectmen.

4. The Board of Selectmen will not accept written materials distributed at a Selectmen's meeting, other than petitions submitted in accordance with state law or a written summary of the speaker's remarks. Individuals or groups must submit written materials for the Board's attention to the Chairman of Selectmen, no later than Monday noon before the Wednesday meeting of that week for distribution to Board members before the meeting.

5. Individuals or groups who desire a response from the Board of Selectmen are advised to contact the Town Clerk about placing an item on the Board's agenda for discussion or submit a letter rather than relying on a "Open to the Public" session.

6. Questions about Town affairs and criticisms or concerns about Town policies, actions, or programs are welcome, provided they do not become personal.

7. No personal attacks on any individual or firm, including Town employees, Town officials, or members of the public, will be tolerated during any meetings. Please direct concerns about individual employees or Town officials to the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen outside the public meeting.

8. The Board of Selectmen vests in its Chairman the discretion to terminate any remarks if the speaker does not adhere to this policy.

Thank you for adhering to this Policy.

Farmingdale Board of Selectmen:
Jim Grant
Nancy Frost
Wayne Kilgore

Approved by Selectmen February 9, 2011