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Road Commissioner Report 2011

I have been the Town of Farmingdale Road Commissioner since April. I have been surprised at the amount of detail one has to learn just to become a Town employee and certainly a Road Commissioner and then to learn what has to be done.

I started working for the Town just as the stree sweeping started so one of my first tasks was to supervise the quality of work performed (which was very good) plus to document as time passed which streets were cleaned. Anyone who places debris on the road after the road was cleaned is responsible to clean up his own mess.

I have attended all of the Selectmen meetings plus the FRAC (Farmingdale Road Advisory Committee). I have assisted the FRAC to determine the anticipated road projects for the next year plus attempt to prioritize the work we would like to perform. This has been an excellent learning experience to know what has been done in recent years and why certain decisions were made. There really is a rationale why certain things are done.

I have already started trimming brush on the Outlet Road but the work has been limited by the rains during May. This activity shall start again soon. Northern Avenue needs to have ditching done this summer. I'm not sure the entire road will be done during 2011. Bowman Street should receive considerable trimming and ditching later this summer. Several trees have already been topped in anticipation of this work. Two crossroad culverts will also have to be replaced.

There are two major construction activities going on this summer; the Maine Avenue reconstruction plus transmission line work along Kennebec Drive. The Maine Avenue work is encouraging more people to use the back roads such as Peacock Road and Blaine Road. These activities may force a delay in very much paving because do not want to do paving until the excess traffic has deceased.

Thank you for the many kind comments extended to me. I certainly look forward to serving you, the Town of Farmingdale.


Bill Rogers, Road Commissioner