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Harbormaster Report

Greeting from the Harbormaster!

For all of you that drive by everyday and never really see the Kennebec, you should take any opportunity that avails itself to get acquainted with it. One of the things Farmingdale offers to the 20,000 plus commuters daily is a view of our great River. I have been the lonely voice in the wilderness trying to keep the bushes cut in front of Airport auto and the carwash. I cut them many times when I was a teenager and when I owned the carwash. The selectmen have agreed on two occasions to get them cut so don't hesitate to let them know you appreciate it. I have been in Farmingdale over 55 years and have spent time in each of those years on the river with the exception of my military years. I spend more time now than ever before and enjoy every minute. As Harbormaster since 1994, I have in general tried to take care of Farmingdale's section of the River from guiding barges to Augusta to rescuing disabled boats of all kinds. We have issues each year with the no wake zones and just plain inexperience on the water. I highly recommend that prior to boating in navigable waters that everyone take the Power Squadron Boating Course. If all did, most of our problems on the Kennebec would disappear. I supply the town with the boat,fuel, registration, dockage, and time at no charge. I am always on call for anyone that needs assistance on the River. The River is a wonderful place to enjoy. Eagles, osprey, deer, fox, mink, beaver, fish and you name it. See you on the Great Kennebec. BE SAFE!!!

Dan Alexander