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Fire Chief's Report 2010

To the residents of Farmingdale

2010 was another busy year for the fire dept with the highest number of calls for service totaling 121 runs. Along with the high amount of calls, the firefighters continue to train regularly with training hours totaling over 600 hours averaging approx 30 hrs per member. The fire calls and training hours do not include the weekly work details, monthly truck checks, pump testing, hose testing and numerous other functions that the members do to help the community.

While we are very fortunate to have a well qualified and dedicated family of firefighters, we are always looking for new members; currently we have 20 members and enough turnout gear for an additional 5. Not all interested people would be required to perform interior structural firefighting as we have a need for support people to help on the fire ground with various other important duties.

We performed a thorough review of our appratus fleet looking at our current and future needs of the town, with the help of the Insurance Services Office Inc (ISO) and a review of all local towns and cities fire appartus, it was determined that Farmingdale did not need a 3rd Class A pumper. Looking at this information, we determined that we could save the cost of a new pumper (at approx $300,000) and purchased a good used hevy squad/equipment truck for $28,000. This truck has already served the town and area departments very well as it carries equipment that we did not have the room for on the other trucks. We sold Engine 13, a 1978 pumper that was having significant rust issues and have parted with the 1967 Jeep forestry truck. Reducing the fleet from 4 to 3 trucks saves on maintenance, and pump testing and reduces the average age of the fleet from 26 to 16 years old.

We have continued to apply for USFA grants to replace the 1994 pumper and the aging fire hose as we have done for the past few years. Our insurance company, Maine Municipal Association, has also helped us annually for various safety grants and is helping us with ensuring that we have proper insurance coverage in the event of an incident requiring repair, replacement of equipment or apparatus.

As a reminder, Maine State law still requires a permit for any open burning and permits can be obtained from any fire officer or online at

The Officers and members of the Farmingdale Fire Department wishes to thank the community for their continuing support.


Chief Dana Mealy