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Code Enforcement Officer's Report 2010

Building permits were received, reviewed and issued for 71 items. (Please see the June 25, 2011 Town Report for an itemized list.)

The State of Maine Federal Government has updated the Flood Plain Hazard regulations and Flood Plain Map panels for release to the towns and cities in the State to be enacted for the year 2010. Recently, the Federal and State governments have made the Towns aware that the above listed revisions have reconsidered and withheld. New upgraded Flood Plain ordinances will be completed by the Government and released to the towns and cities in the early spring of 2011 for review and vote to enact early in January 2011. The Town will vote on amending the upgrading the Flood Plain Management Ordinance on June 25, 2011.

The CEO works with the Town Planning Board and Board of Appeals, and Town Selectmen and other communities when requested to review, update and administration of various Town Ordinances, State Statutes and Federal laws.

The CEO is also the Town Health Inspector. I am in the office on Wednesday between 1pm and 5pm and on Fridatys between 8am and 11:30am and I am available to review applications and regulations with those who request these services.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob St.Pierre, CEO, LHO