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Barnstormers Snowmobile Club Report for the Season 2010-2011

We had a very busy and productive winter, clearing trails, installing signs and we talked to some great landowners. We are pleased to say we had almost 50 members this year. We purchased another new sled for dragging trails and have another new drag being built for next year. Please join us next year as we have 28 miles of trails to enjoy. We meet the first Tuesday of each month at the Boys and Girls Club in Gardiner at 7pm.

We had a good year for sledding most of the time and very good trails. If certain sledders don't slow down and stop rutting up the trails there will be less grooming. Come be a part of our club and help preserve this fun family sport.

Respectfully submitted,

Ron Donaghy 582-5546
Bob Dill 582-0143